Made $92,000 USD cash in 5 months effortlessly with joy and bought Vineet’s dream car in 5 months through Carrie’s cutting-edge team training!

Before Vineet met with Carrie:

  • Already made millions dollar in Vineet’s life
  • Exhausted in team building through hard work & long working hours

After Vineet finished coaching with Carrie:

  • Carrie provided additional assistance to train Vineet’s team to be efficient
  • Improved the entire team’s vibration and skillsets to create results fast
  • Vineet acquired robust team building skills to produce the result he wants efficiently

Quantum leap in Brain’s business – from struggling, bank account empty and burnt out, to buy a permanent place for business in 18 months!

Before Brain met with Carrie:

  • Kept draining on empty bank account
  • Discouraged & burnt out
  • Was lost in business
  • As a trainer, classes were empty (0 clients & 0 revenue for the business)
  • Spent on travel time only to have to cancel classes
  • Struggled in finding new clients
  • Zero result on marketing for the business

After Brain finished coaching with Carrie:

  • Decrease on marketing budget spending & Increase on the revenue
  • Rapid and continuous growth of the business
  • Continuous referral increase
  • Solid business expansion with more facilities & more staffs
  • Overflowing classes with clients
  • Consistent business growth regardless of the bad economy in 2020 (under COVID)
  • Bought a permanent business venue in 2021

Got a few sales immediately after removing resistances from her subconscious!

Before Amy met with Carrie:

  • Amy worked very hard in live streaming in order to get more sale, but she has no result.
  • Amy’s embedded misleading belief handed down from her gramma into her subconscious (If I want to make money, I need to work hard.) was making hard for money to flow into her life.
  • Amy wanted a breakthrough in her business by making sales effortlessly.

After Amy finished a few coaching sessions with Carrie:

  • Amy has new ideas to do live streaming to build her own brand after removing the resistance in her subconscious.
  • Amy moves forward by acknowledging the misleading belief handed down from her gramma (work hard to make money) which was blocking money to flow though her easily.
  • Amy made few sales right away after removing the misbelief handed down from her gramma and by utilizing her new ideas to do live streaming.
  • Amy improves her relationship with money after the conscious ignite recode program.

From struggling to get sales In 9 months to make $11,000 USD in 8 weeks

Before Dion met Carrie:

  • Struggling to get sales from her side business for 9 months
  • Lack of confidence kept her in scarcity mindset
  • Lack of confidence to set any big goals due to fear of failure
  • A people pleaser – She let other people’s opinions about her impacted her life

After Dion finished 8 weeks coaching sessions with Carrie:

  • Made $11,000 USD in 8 weeks
  • Gain back her own power eventually which help her become more powerful creator of her life
  • Tapped into abundance mindset (energy) which allows her take align actions quickly to create a life she wants
  • Become more self-love rather than a people pleaser and lost herself
  • Get clarity in what she really wants

Lives in Ellen’s dream home which she wanted for over decades for just in 8 weeks

Before Ellen met with Carrie :

  • Ellen had limited belief, that it would take more than 2 years to purchase her dream house.
  • Has not increased her salary for long time
  • Wanted to be appreciated by her boss
  • Wanted to surrounded by the inspiring people

After Ellen finished 8 coaching sessions with Carrie:

  • She lives in her dream home which she thought that was impossible due to the house price.
  • Increased the salary to the amount she desired
  • Her boss acknowledges her contribution for the company clearly
  • Expanded her friendzone and she’s now surrounded by brilliant people

8 years business dream & 2 years relationship desire came true in just 12 weeks

Before Winnie has met with Carrie:

  • Has been single for 2 years 
  • Wanted to find quality relationship that can lead to marriage
  • Wanted to work with others in aromatherapy for over 8 years as a qualified aromatherapy practitioner, but nothing happened during the past 8 years

After Winnie finished coaching with Carrie: 

  • Got a fiancé in 12 weeks
  • The fiancé fulfilled Winnie’s 8 years aromatherapy dream
  • Winnie launched a new brand of aromatherapy that she invented. 
  • Winnie is finally working with a man she admires (her finance) 
  • Winnie was featured in magazine for her + her finance’s new line of aromatherapy 
  • Money started to flow abundantly in her life include tripling her investment in the stock market.


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