Carrie Anne Yu is an acclaimed speaker, author, and expert in Millionaire Mindset & Business Strategy, renowned worldwide for her exceptional achievements. Leveraging her extensive expertise, she has mentored and emboldened more than 18,000 entrepreneurs across the globe. Notably, 21 individuals have attained seven-figure incomes through her guidance, showcasing the profound impact of her strategies and insights.

Demonstrating her exceptional prowess, Carrie orchestrated a dramatic revitalization for a struggling company, elevating it into a multi-million-dollar revenue generator within just one year, despite lacking prior industry experience. Her unwavering belief in individuals’ capacity to achieve their utmost potential serves as the bedrock of her professional philosophy. As the visionary behind Conscious Ignite, a renowned firm specializing in human transformation, she has emerged as a leading authority for ambitious individuals seeking to unlock their full capabilities. Through her innovative approach, Conscious Ignite Creations, which integrates insights from neuroscience, epigenetics, quantum physics, and timeless universal wisdom, Carrie has empowered thousands to expedite their goals and realize their fullest potential.

Beyond her roles as entrepreneur and mentor, Carrie is also a celebrated author. Her book, “Create Lifetime Loyal Customers: 7 Success Principles to Attract More Customers in Any Business Even in the Toughest Economies,” underscores her expertise in customer retention and acquisition. Her influence extends internationally, particularly in mainland China, where she has captivated an audience exceeding 100,000 through various Chinese social media platforms, earning recognition as one of the top 10 WeChat influencers in Hong Kong. Carrie’s insights have been eagerly sought by media outlets, including guest appearances on GuangDong TV in 2017 and 2019.

Recognized for her exceptional leadership, Carrie received the Education 2.0 Conference Outstanding Leadership Award in 2023. Driven by her mission to empower entrepreneurs and leaders, Carrie remains dedicated to helping individuals unleash their inner potential, overcome obstacles, and achieve extraordinary success through her transformative coaching and steadfast guidance.


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